The Most Useful Apps for Daily Life

With technology improving to immense heights, daily activities can now be carried out in an easier and simpler fashion than ever before. Applications, for example, have transformed from simple calculator and planner functions to intuitive and interactive games and WiFi finders. As mobile phones become more powerful after every new release, applications become relatively capable and multifunctional over time. Nowadays, there are thousands of mobile applications available on the market, be it Apple or PlayStore. But given the fact that all mobile phones have their storage capacities, it may be a wiser step to download and install only the most useful applications for daily life. Below are some of the must-haves for any phone.


Saving Star

Saving Star is a web-based coupon application that provides users with promotional codes and coupons for items that they need or want. Items may range from baby diapers to snacks. These coupons can be used at your nearest local grocery store or pharmacy. You simply pay the original price at the store, and the savings from the coupons you use accrue inside the app. After you’ve reached a minimum of $5, you can opt to place the savings in your bank account, use the points and exchange it for an Amazon gift card, or donate the savings for a charitable cause. This is a great daily app for thrifty buyers and budget-limited shoppers, especially in today’s economically challenging era.


Key Ring

Perfectly suited for people who live by reward points and card perks, Key Ring is an application that allows you to store all of your rewards data. To use the reward points, you will simply have to scan your phone at the local store rather than having to carry multiple credit cards on your actual key ring. Even if you don’t have many cards or reward points to store and use, this application is great even for your gym membership card.


Zip List

This application condenses your grocery shopping by enabling you to search the app’s recipe database, which carries more than 300,000 recipes all acquired from trustworthy websites. You can then save the ingredients straight to your shopping list on your phone for reference when shopping at your local supermarket or grocery store. If you have friends who want the recipes you use, you can effortlessly email it to them.


Grocery IQ

Powered by, Grocery IQ is identical to the app Zip List in that it saves and manages your grocery list. However, a huge difference is that the app also sums your overall bill prior reaching the checkout counter. This allows you to prepare the amount before you even get to the cashier. It also prevents overspending on your monthly groceries. Intuitively, the focal point of the application is saving cash. It touts a regularly updated coupon database, and enables the user to navigate and opt for coupons right through your phone. All the coupons are printable or saved via email for use later.



This app does more than what it is named for. Apart from notes, Evernote is designed to store tons more information. It can store notes in text, image, and even voice message format. The application links your information to your computer automatically and hassle-free. Users who require a tool to take note of things they do not want to forget will find this application heaven sent.

Overall, these applications simplify life in numerous ways. What’s great is that some of these apps are free of charge and easily downloaded. Depending on your needs, there is surely one app for you or even fifty of them to choose from.


Author Pam Johnson is a nurse on the go who needs every application possible to make her everyday life easier. She also enjoys blogging and is a contributing writer for accelerated bsn programs

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