Benefits of Doing Yoga for Your Kids

Yoga just seems to keep increasing in popularity. Not only do many adults participate in the activity after work and on the weekends, but children are starting to get involved as well. What are some of the benefits that yoga can provide to them?

Getting in Exercise
With all of their activities, it might be difficult to find time for them to exercise. Childhood obesity rates are soaring, and you want to prevent such problems in your children; therefore, time for exercise is extremely important. Yoga is an excellent way for them to exercise. The professional instructors will guide them toward using the right motions and techniques in the discipline, so you know they will be doing the steps correctly.

Some Quiet Time
During yoga classes, students are generally expected to be quiet. Maybe your child has a bit of an issue with quiet time right now, and you’d really like him or her to learn that everything need not always be noisy. Your children will learn that quiet time can really have some value to it, and they are able to successfully accomplish goals without having all of that noise surrounding them. Teenagers will really benefit from these classes. They are often so caught up in smart phones and other technologies that they really forget the value of silence.

Making New Friends
When your children participate in yoga, they are probably going to be going to classes that are outside of the school. Therefore, they will have the opportunity to make new friends. Encourage them to arrive a few minutes early to class to chat with their friends because, as mentioned earlier, they will likely not be permitted to talk during the actual classes. Furthermore, you can chat with some of the moms and set up play dates for the younger ones. Older children will likely form their own bonds, and they might even have seen each other before a party or other activity in the neighborhood.

Developing Spiritual Practices
Sometimes, religion and spirituality can be a little bit difficult for children to understand. Encourage them to talk to God when they are practicing yoga. This absolutely does not mean that you should stop attending your weekly religious services. It’s quite the opposite. Going to yoga and having some quiet time to talk to God could help to enhance your child’s spiritual development. He or she might be able to see the ways in which God works in the universe or how some quiet time really allows spirituality to develop and flourish. Whatever the case may be, some faiths do oppose yoga. Therefore, it is wise to look into the practices of your faith before committing your child to any classes.

Yoga classes can have a tremendously positive impact on children. They will be able to feel as though they are part of a network through their connections to the other people in class and to those other individuals, young and old, who are participating in yoga all over the world.

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