What do you feel when you see your Facebook wall?

What do you feel when you see your Facebook wall?  I guess it would actually depend on your personality, on your lifestyle, on your FB friends lifestyle, and your mood.

Your FB friends can be your friends, office mates, classmates, acquaintance, someone you really don’t know, your brothers and sisters, your relatives, and even your parents and your grandparents.  These FB friends have different life, different lifestyle, different moments.  What do you see in your wall?  What do you feel about it.

When I see my FB wall, I am jealous of the pictures of my FB friends.  Why?  I would list them down here.

  • Shopping
  • Family bonding
  • Friends bonding
  • Travel, beach, etc
  • New bag, new something
  • Something that their husband gave to them

Should I be really jealous?  I know jealousy is not a good thing.  Maybe it’s not really jealousy, but something like “I hope my husband remembers me.” or “When can I go to travel…”

But it’s okay.  Really!  I am okay.  It’s just up to that.  Maybe many of my FB friends are really lucky to have much money, to have a husband who treats them holy, etc.  But I guess I am one of the fortunately one.  I may not have lots of money, but I know whatever happens, I can raise a money without the help of others.  And that at least my husband doesn’t punch me.  And that I may not have the money to go to travel, but I am living somewhere nice compare to other people.

I always thought of… they may be always on travel, always with friends… But they don’t have a child and is longing for one.  I maybe fat, they maybe sexy, but I had gave birth to two children.  But to those who have children, and can do travel, and can enjoy life, well they are really fortunate and I hope they cherish every moment of that, because not all people have that kind of life.

Although there’s the small jealousy inside, I know I am really lucky compare to others.

I might have friends with their photos on FB… smiling, posing with friends, etc. But in reality, they have deep problems.

I also got friends who envy me because I do posts the products I sell.  That’s the most pictures I post on my wall.

So you, what do you feel when you see your FB wall.

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