Why do Chinese people love playing Mahjong!

I don’t like to give offense on people who loves playing mahjong.  But for someone like my mother-in-law, why the hell would she play mahjong for almost everyday.  It would be just about 4 to 6 days she’ll be not able to play mahjong.

Why I think she should not play mahjong that much…

  • She said she got a back pain problem.  If her back pain problem do attack when holding my baby, wouldn’t she have back pain for sitting on the chair playing mahjong from 1:30 am to 7:00 pm (an estimate daily mahjong playing hours)?
  • We are not rich.  We are not that poor.  We’re not able to save money.  My in-laws does have money.  My husband and I are trying to beat deadlines.  I am at home taking care of my baby and earning good money.  Can’t she just help me take care of my baby even on the afternoons?
  • I know Chinese from China loves playing mahjong.  And there are those Chinese here in the Philippines who loves playing mahjong.  But the hell! Please look at the situation!  She likes her life to be like those who doesn’t need to do house hold chores and help take care of the baby.  But those people she sees are those who are rich!  If she like to compare, she shouldn’t judge me.  She should judge my husband (her son) for not being that rich.
  • I am thankful that she does the household chores and help me take care of my baby during the mornings.  But I am really that busy.  Really busy.  I want to earn a target net income that is big.  Something I can earn if I didn’t stop working and just concentrate on my career.  My mother-in-law has told me that I should earn money.  I told her, how can I earn money if I am giving everything to his son, because his son isn’t earning enough that is good for saving more money.
  • I want to hire a maid and someone who would take care of my baby.  My mother-in-law doesn’t want to.  If she don’t like me to hire someone to take care of my baby, she should stop playing mahjong almost the whole month and start helping me with my baby.  But then again, she said her back aches holding my baby to long like more than 15 minutes.

I don’t think Chinese here in the Philippines (Filipino-Chinese) and Filipinos are like that.  My mother-in-law can’t even tell her mahjong mate that she’s still waiting for me to come home (before she’ll be able to go play mahjong) because I am doing my work.  She usually says I went to the doctor, if asked.

What a life!  If I get rich, then they should be good to me.

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