Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze Cheddar Spread

Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze is my son’s and my favorite cheddar cheese spread.  First of all, it’s in tetra pack with a resealable cap.  Second, you don’t actually need a spoon to spread it to the bread.  Just squeeze the pack so the cheese comes out.

I think this is one of the perfect spread to bring everywhere you go, like to the office and even to a picnic.  And this is great if you got children and all of you would be going somewhere.  If your kids got hungry, then you can just spread it in the bread.  Of course you have to bring bread.  No bread wasted because you don’t need spread the cheese to the bread before going out the house.  Bring the cheddar spread pack and loaf of bread with you.  Spread the cheese only when needed.

And have fun squeezing and spreading cheese to the bread.

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