Is it easy money with being an online seller?

My in-laws, and a lot of people, got the impression that it’s very easy to be an online seller.  You just sell online and you got money.  If you are one of those who want to try online selling, or just thought that being an online seller is a really cool thing, then here’s an eye-opener for all of you…

Based on my experience…

Q:  Is it easy to be an online seller?

A:  You got to have things to sell.  Sure thing it’s easier to get items to sell when your concern is financial.  Usually, an online seller would be cashing out 0 to 20,000 Philippine Peso (php) in one shot.  Unlike opening a shop with a physical location.  There are even those who doesn’t stock items, and doesn’t buy stocks to sell.  The online seller’s supplier would be the one to send items directly to the seller’s buyer.  No cash out, all income.


Q:  What to sell?

A:  I sell based on what my interest is, or what items I think I can handle.  I have lots of items that I can sell, but those things are not my forte, or I still need to learn more on how to sell them online.  Some of those who are starters on online selling tries to sell everything that they can sell.  Some end up finding what their good at.  Some discovers that they got talent in selling and can actually sell everything they want.  But some are unfortunate to not even have a sale even once a month, even if they posted a lot of items for sale.


Q:  So, how many items should an online seller sell?

A:  At least one kind of item.  I know someone who is just selling trucks,  another one are just bikes.  Well I would be straight, I started selling just one particular brand of slimming coffee.


Q:  You post your product, and that’s it?

A:  Physical store and online store are different.  Passersby see physical stores and all of them are potential buyers.  Online store would need people to be able to discover that that online shop is existing.  Even if you posted it online, how would people discover your products?  That’s the always concern of an online seller.


Q:  Is it easy money?

A:  No, it is not easy money.  Female and moms are your usual online sellers.  Female because a lot of female see other female do sell online.  And it would be cool to have an extra money.  Moms need to take care of their kids.  But would also like to help their husband earn money, because it’s hard to save money nowadays.  Many have tried to be an online seller.  And believe me, a lot didn’t succeed.  A lot failed and stopped selling online because in the first place, it’s not really easy to sell online.  And there are those who are really fortunate to succeed in online selling.


Q:  How much can an online seller earn?

A:  I am earning 5 digits Philippine Peso (php) per month, and that’s net income.  I won’t say the range, but I am a fortunate online seller.  There would be those who earns 5,000 to 10,000 Php.  There are those who earn less than 5,000 Php, and even just less than 1,000 Php.


Some are happy with the tedious work of being an online seller and just earning 1,000 Php per month.  To tell you the truth, I don’t.  I need to earn lots of money from online selling so I would be satisfied, because this is my business.  My online shop is my main business, not something that generates extra income.

So, is it cool to be an online seller.  Yes!  Being able to be beside my kids instantly when they need me, and earning money from such business… I rock!!!  But is it easy money?  No, it’s not really easy money.  I had worked hard on my online shop.

Try your luck, it’s worth it.

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  1. Hi Berry,

    Long-time-no-comment 🙂 Naging busy na because I started working again but I do drop by your blog every now and then, di na lang nakaka comment.

    Online selling has its advantages, pero you have to be smart too. maraming nanloloko (na customers).

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