Mother-in-law versus Maid + Me

Catchy post title, right?  My mother-in-law always tell me my maid watch TV and doesn’t try and make my baby pee.  I would like to tell my mother-in-law (MIL) that… but I can’t really tell her that because she’s the QUEEN in our house.


MIL:  Your maid is always watching TV, or playing iPad, or playing games on your mobile phone.  She isn’t concern with baby Ivy making her pee so her pants won’t get wet.

On my mind:  Then what are you doing playing the iPad, or watching your telenovelas on iPad non-stop.  Other MILs that are not earning money do help on taking care of their grandchildren.  And you’re just there sitting!


MIL: The maid is walking round and round.  I hate it.  I’m dizzy!  She needs to walk round and round inside the house?

On my mind:  You’re watching telenovelas on iPad.  If you don’t want to help me take care of my baby, just shut up!  Why don’t you just go to any of the rooms so you won’t see the maid carrying the baby walking round and round, making the young one sleep.

SITUATION 3:  We’re going to the doctor.

MIL: The maid should know what to bring.  She didn’t even prepared Ivy’s shoes!  What kind of maid is she!

And when the elevator closes…

Me to Husband, without minding my sis-in-law and her husband around:  I am the one who prepared the things.  I forgot to bring the shoes because I am thinking of making Ivy wear socks.  We hired this one to be our maid.  I am telling you, we should had also hired a nanny!

Husband:  Stop  intervening.

Me:  What?  You’re telling me to not intervene?  Oh yeah, I am also a maid I forgot.


I want my sister in law to know how my life is like with his brother and mother.

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