Kids first…

It’s hard to think of earning money, while you got kids that you need to take care of.  These past few days, it’s business as usual for me.  Although I need to take care of my kids because both got sick (they’re okay now), I can’t just leave my online shop behind.

I guess some people in our house thought that why the hell am I able to stop doing everything with regards my online shop when my kids are sick, while if my kids are in perfect shape I am so so so busy with my “garbage”.  Yes, someone in the house calls my stocks for sale as garbage.

For those days that I need to be beside my kid(s) 24/7, I still accept orders, answer my phone and text messages… but I am not able to use my computer.   But thankfully, buyers are still coming…

Kids first.  I need to remind myself, always.

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