Kill All Pests!

Ants, termites, cockroaches, spiders!!! Pest!!! Please leave us alone!

I remember when there are black ants all over the floor in our bedroom.  No kidding!  When I say I lot, I mean a lot!  I got a kid who won’t still understand “Don’t touch that!”  So when I planned to kill all the ants roaming all around the room, I was wide awake until the sun rises.  I waited for my son to sleep, so I can start my plan.  Then when I saw ants, I trap them with a circle using the chalk.  I also put circles of chalk on holes.  Wipe all the newly dead ants, and hunts for more holes.  I ended up writing chalks all over the wall, putting packaging tapes so the ants can’t get out from their holes and be trapped with the chalk.

Until I learned about essentria.

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