Baby UTI Reasons

People do have UTI for some reasons.  As an adult, we would be able to know that there’s something wrong with out urine.  Pain will be felt when one have a UTI.  For kids, it would be the same.  But for babies, how would a baby say that he is having pain urinating?  But they say, for babies and small children with UTI, they don’t feel pain at all.  So how would you know if the baby or small child have a UTI?

  • Here are the possible symptoms if a baby or small children have a UTI:
  • feeling tired, unwell with no specific reason
  • there’s something wrong but you can’t pinpoint what
  • doesn’t like to eat, or eats lesser food/milk
  • likes to sleep all the time, seems like zero energy
  • doesn’t like toys at all, nothing would satisfy him but sleep.  would get irritated when you try to make him happy
  • fever with no reason at all

It is hard for parents when their beloved child is sick.  And that simple, curable UTI is still a curse to most of us parents.   We get scared to death when our baby feels sick and we don’t know the reason why.  It may not be the illness that it seems to be.  UTI can be the one of the possible culprits.


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