I need to make a step on my online shops

My two online shops are hosted in Google’s Blogger or Blogspot.  Lately, it felt like Google is slowly doing steps to filter what their users share on Google+.  Since I am afraid on losing my two online shops, I am creating new sites.

I already got 2 blog sites from Blogger that got removed.  And those sites are doing good in Google Adsense, and the other one for my online shop.

Why should I make a back-up online shops?  I am selling slimming products and s*xual enhancers.

Yeah very controversial.  But those are what I sell.

6 thoughts on “I need to make a step on my online shops”

  1. how about setting up a shopping-cart style website?

    I set up our online shop using a free service before (200MB or some number) limit lang yung bandwidth. Eventually moved to a paid account para ma access yung ibang features.

    Email me if you need more info 🙂

  2. what is your online shop? pasilip 🙂

    here in philippines, i am not so sure if shopping cart is okay. i mean well yes i know shopping cart style of shop is great. but the idea of people paying me through paypal is not. i am not really willing to risk sending bulk items to outside the philippines, then the buyer would just declare a refund on paypal.

    saan ka nagsesell? i mean sa us or pinas?

  3. http://Www.savymommy.com

    Pilipinas yan.wedont accept PayPal so payments are not integrated. Info lang ng bank ang nandoon and clients have to tell us when they paid.

    It works for us because I can download orders from the database. Hassle yung forms or email where people tell you products one by one. If you have similar products, baka di rin complete info mabobigay (i.e. Size, color)

  4. Wow nice online shop! Naglike na ren ako. Marami ako fb friends (not necessarily i know them) na naglike sa fb page nyo.

    If i like a shopping cart, i can create one. Laging nasa dulo ng isip ko if i would put a shopping cart or not. Everything would be much easier pag shopping cart. Pero the items i sell, although inquiry process, buyers tend to ask lots of questions. Slimming product and s*xual enhancers. So ayun. Most are asap. Yung isa kong gagawin na shop, yun pinag iisipan ko kung gagawin kong shopping cart. I got lots of buyers ren na prefers through text n call.

    May iaask pala ako sa iyo, pero through email or ym sana. What do you prefer?

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