EmailCashPro Get Paid To Read

A Singaporean get paid to read of incentives, I had got payments from them!  EmailCashPro is not a scam.  It is even featured in different newspapers.

First is is featured on The Sunday Times newspaper.

And then next on a Chinese newspaper Shin Min Daily News.

You can consider this one to as get paid to click if you want.  After registering at EmailCashPro, update your profile and invite your friends to join.

Up to level 5! (or 4 if they had changed their current rule)

EmailCashPro won’t spam your email box.  They would just send their emails for you to click on the paid link.  After clicking it, wait until it has been credited to your account and that’s it.  You just wait on your email box for their email messages.

Cash out is through cheque or PayPal.  And cash out minimum is S$11.

Here’s the first payment proof I got.

emailcashpro payment


And here’s the 2nd one.

emailcashpro payment



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