For Filipinos, it is normal for a man and a woman to go to a massage parlor together?

A Filipino tried to condition my mind that it is normal for Filipinos that a man and a woman may they be married (not to each other) or not, to go together to a massage parlor.

It is not normal!    I know it is not!  Okay, I am already 35 years old.  Although I know that a male and a female, may they be just normal friends, or good friends, or best friends, it is not normal that the two to go to a massage parlor together.  But I actually asked a Filipino to confirm.

The guy even insulted my being a Chinese.  He told me that “Well it is because you are a Chinese.  Chinese are always on their own.”  Oh really?

This guy wants me to go with him to a massage parlor.  I told him that I am married and is very busy.  He wants me to take it easy and relax with him.  And that it is perfectly normal for a man like him and a woman like me to go to such place together, even if I am already married.

The last time, he sent me a private message on Facebook “morning… how are you? you really did remove me in your Facebook…”

And I replied “It is because you doesn’t know how to understand.  I hope when someday you are married, there would be a guy that would invite your wife to go with him to the massage parlor, and I hope that she’ll accept his invitation.”

I didn’t get any more replies from him.

Unfriend on Facebook!

2 thoughts on “For Filipinos, it is normal for a man and a woman to go to a massage parlor together?”

  1. Hi Berry,

    Always something interesting on your posts 🙂

    I say good riddance to that guy. He has no business asking a decent woman to go to such places with him – married or not.

    Baka normal lang sa kanya yun kasi puro cheap yung mga babaeng kilala nya.

  2. ewan ko ba dun. there are more interesting stories about me na hindi ko maaaring ipost hahaha

    i am the malandi girl everywhere i go pagkaalam ko. ako yung natatag na malandi lagi, sa group, sa work. well sa work, hindi ko alam why. may mga inggit lang na babae sa akin kc mga lalaki kasama ko sa department. programmer ako eh.

    but really, siguro medyo malandi ako among all the common friends. my kind of best friend now is even a guy. because i do not know if there is any female friend na makakaintindi sa mga situations ko.

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