Unfriending Someone On Facebook

It is my first time to unfriend someone on Facebook.  He gets to my nerves!

I am already married.  I do not need additional guy friends.  I am already committed to someone, and is very busy to “accommodate” males for whatever you want, be it a friendly date or whatever you are proposing to me.

And so, I did unfriend someone on Facebook.  He crossed the lines of comparing Filipinos to Chinese regarding a something that is not really acceptable on whatever your culture or race is.  But he wants me to believe that it is a normal situation that the Chinese is a loner.  I would blog about this on another post.  Because there’s too much to blog about people who wants to take advantage of someone.

He even added a female friend of mine!

He is a Filipino.  He is just shaming all Filipinos by telling something that is not really normal even to Filipinos.  But he is making me believe that it is normal!

I hate you!


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