An open letter to Bio Regarding Ferdinand Marcos Biography

An open letter to Bio


Regarding the Ferdinand Marcos Biography at is so disturbing to saw the beginning words “Known for running a corrupt, undemocratic regime, Ferdinand Marcos was the president of the Philippines from 1966 to 1986.”

Because if you would compare his era to all the presidents after Marcos, Marcos had the most counts of accomplishment.  Please make more research on this one.  The Philippine news is not dependable, just like other news all over the world, wherein there would be news that are written or broadcast to purposely destroy something.

If you would just make a research or survey, you would know that business man from small to big ones, people who like to live in peace and other people who hate crimes, we all love the great President Ferdinand Marcos.

Then who hates Marcos?  Those corrupt officials who would like to take over the government, those criminals who likes human rights because they want to get away from their crime,  well they hate President Marcos.

I do love watching Bio on our cable TV.  I hope you try to look on this one.  Yes, we are just the Philippines.  We are not a giant 1st world country.  But talking out a big person like a president in a country with a motive to destroy his image is a different thing.  The information written on your website points out how bad he is.  Each person and even presidents in the world do have that “negative image”.  They are just another person like us, like any employee staff of Bio who does mistakes at times.  But why aren’t there any list his accomplishment?  Is Bio supposed to be on just the negative side of the person?

He has so many wonderful products that no other president in the Philippines after him had accomplished.  Ever.

I am one of those who are trying to survive in a corrupt country Philippines, with hopes that a president like the late President Marcos would rise.


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