Should a married women be sexy? Yes!

Why should one be sexy even if she got a husband?  Sexy doesn’t mean to have a so beautiful body.  I know, I can not achieve it.  I do have curves that lots of men turn their heads on me.  And I do not mean those by-standers, construction worker and the like.  Well yes they do turn their head when they see me, plus those wearing formal attire, smart working attire, etc.  And even the good-looking ones…

I am not saying that I am that beautiful and sexy.  I am not.  But I try to.  I really got those stubborn fat on my hips and thigh.  I wanted those extra fat to just disappear and make me yummy.

A lot of woman say that it doesn’t matter.  That you do not need to be sexy if you are married.  Wrong! It is so wrong.  Well at least for me, and for some of the ladies.  Why?  I would try to enumerate…

* A wife should be sexy for his husband.  If you really got those problem areas, or if you are an overweight person, try to slim down up to how much weight you can lose.  But for reasons be it your own reason or for some unfortunate events, well at least try to wear clothes that would make you look really nice.

* There are lots of hot-looking wife with kids out there.  Wouldn’t you love it to be one of them?  This one is for you and your satisfaction, not for your husband.

* It would great for a husband to hear people complementing how his wife looks great.

* Even if your husband say that you do not need to slim down, if he sees a sexy lady, he might wish that his wife would be close to that hot chick.  If you’re around and saw your husband looking at a sexy lady, you might feel hurt.  If you are one of those hot mamas that is a head turner, you would not really mind your husband turning his head to another woman, because you know how it works, that’s why you are making yourself a hot mama for your husband.  (I would be posting about something on this one soon.  I am not the wife.  I am the head-turner.)  Your husband is a man that appreciates a sexy lady, just like any man out there, and just like us woman appreciates guys that are in our “What physical looks of a man attracts you” list.

* It would be the woman’s fault if his man leaves her because she looks all dried up, or does not take care of herself, or smells bad.  Men are not God to not make mistakes.  And so are we women.  For richer or poorer… till death do us part.  Awww come on!  If your guy leaves you because of one of those reason, then it is your fault.  If you doesn’t believe this, well ask other guys and girls out there.  They would tell you it is your husband’s fault, but there would be a following comment about your personality.   It would be something like “Your husband does not have the right to leave you.  It is totally wrong!  But why aren’t you ____”  Insert the reason why your husband leaves you.  How can you tell other people that it is the reason?  You can’t!

I do not mean for all wives out there to be sexy.  Because I am not one of the hot chicks.  I hope I am.  But do your best to look good.  I got some friends who looks good even if they are not that good-looking and fat.  It is on how you carry yourself, how you dress, how you take care of yourself.

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