Thanks PLDT for the Rak of Aegis treat!

Lucky me I got to watch the musical play Rak of Aegis.  Rak of Aegis is a musical play featuring the songs of the very popular Philippine rock group Aegis.  Everyone loves Aegis!  And for those who doesn’t like them, I am sure they have tried to sing their songs too just to check if they can reach that high tone.   Me watching this musical play is made possible the one that believes on the strongest connection is at home… no other than PLDT.

I was able to watch the show last June 20,2014.  If you haven’t watched it, I am inviting you to bring your whole family and enjoy the music of Aegis on this serious take on Philippine poor families with a comedy touch.

PLDT sure knows what musical play the whole family would love.  After all, that is what they are expert about.   Watching the play on the first day really has perks!  I got to see the Ledesma Family of PLDT Home DSL commercial.  Diego is so cute.  Ate is so cool.  Daddy and Mommy Ledesma are so friendly.  The Ledesmas also enjoyed watching Rak of Aegis.

A Klownz comedian is also present to host this PLDT event by inviting people to sing the Aegis song.

There they are, the Ledesma kids playing blowing bubbles.

PLDT has a plan, to bring every family home closer to each other.  And I can see that with the Ledesma Family.  The Ledesmas take advantage of the PLDT Clickplay to watch movies together at their very home.  They check on recipes online, check on the current news, watch Youtube videos and even created a Facebook page for their Diego.  If you are curious about Diego’s Facebook page, it is the Ask Diego at

You can ask anything you want to Diego.  And with the help of his parents and ate, he tries to answer every question one at a time, from the heart of a child.  This is one of the online activity the Ledesma Family is bond together.  And they are connected online through the PLDT Home DSL.

If you like a strong reliable family-sized connection at home, check out and be connected like the Ledesma Family.

PS.  PLDT is also offering the PLDT TVolution.  This is an internet TV from your very own TV set.  Just add 199 Pesos monthly to your PLDT Home DSL connection and enjoy the TVolution with your family.

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