Code Name: Manang Bola

I hope the Anti-Bullying Act of 2013 here in the Philippines has been approved way back before when I started to attend the school.

If you are curious of the anti-bullying law here in the Philippines, or maybe you got kids who are attending school, I would recommend you to know the law.  Because kids that are bullied on school do form an emotional problem between his schoolmates that may also affect the child’s future, even if he became a grown-up.  You can find the law here at

When I started attending school, someone had this “bright” idea of calling me Manang Bola because I got a long hair.  She then call me that name and encourages our other classmates to call me that name.  And so our classmates enjoys calling me Manang Bola.   When my memory doesn’t fail me, I know it’s a she who started it all.

Who is this Manang Bola?

Manang Bola is a puppet character in a famous Philippine educational TV show Batibot.  Almost all my classmate calls me Manang Bola, every single day, every time.  They never call me by my name.  The teachers doesn’t know about it.

I am a shy and emotional person to start with.  I am not sure if that is just how I am born.   Or maybe because my parents has this bad parenting habit of laughing on my unfortunate G0d-given body (the way I walk) and their shouting and throwing of bad words to me (to us) even with those little mistakes like when I accidentally spill my glass of water, or I drop something to the floor.   I guess I am an emotional type of person.  That treatment makes me afraid of participating in class discussion because I am so afraid that when I give the wrong answer, my teacher would shout and get angry at me.  Then you add up that name-calling of Manang Bola.  My kingergarten, elementary and high school life is so totally ruined!

I did not tell my parents about it because I think they would just tell me to get over it and to stop being to emotional.  Even now as a grown-up, I had never changed my mind of how I think they would react when I tell them about the name-calling.  Every single day, I just prepare myself to go to school and face all my classmates who would shout and call me Manang Bola.  They call me that name again and again and again while laughing.  It becomes their habit of laughing at me and calling me that name with no reason.  They are actually having fun!  I just keep quiet because I do not know how to react.  Even during serious times when they need something from me, they still call me Manang Bola.

I am tagged and called as Manang Bola from kindergarten to elementary.  As I remember, my classmates has tamed during our high school years.  I am not just sure if there are still some who calls me Manang Bola during high school.

According to the law:

SEC. 2. Acts of Bullying
c. Any slanderous statement or accusation that causes the victim undue emotional distress like directing foul language or profanity at the target, name-calling, tormenting and commenting negatively on victim’s looks, clothes and body;

I forgot when I started to tried to not respond to them when they need something from me when they call me Manang Bola.  But I guess it does trigger a little for some of them to know that I really do not like to be called as Manang Bola.

As a result of a ruined childhood, I was so quiet, so shy, I even am on the look-out before I insert the spoon of food to my mouth!  I am so afraid.  But I try to be strong because I do not have anyone to talk to regarding my emotional-related problems, not even my parents.  Maybe some of you would tell me, “You should have tried talking to your parents.”  But with their attitude, forget it!

I am counting the days, looking forward for high school graduation.  I promised myself that I would be a totally different person when I go to college.  And yes, because of change of environment, I became a totally changed girl.  But because of my past experience, I had developed some attitudes:

  • I want to be the best among others.  I am a programmer.  I do not care if you are a male or a female.  I want to be better than you.
  • I want guys to look at me and see me as a sexy lady.  I love it when guys (especially the cute ones) who looks at me even if they are with their girlfriend/wife.
  • I hate bullies.
  • I actually told my son to hit the kid who is bullying him.  I want him to fight back.  If his teachers can not control the bully, I taught him to bully that child too.
  • I learned to turn the wheels.  If I am being bullied, I would morph into a different person just to make them stop bullying me, and that bullying me would make them look dumb.

I do not have any plan to tell my parents that I am a quiet, shy, weird and nerd person before college.  But there are just two inconsiderate people who told my mother about me.  And I am not happy about it.  These people are so mean they actually take pride on talking about how dumb other people are.  We’re talking about people they know.  Well have they changed?  They are already grown ups and they are still like that.  But I guess karma hit them hard.  I hope they would now consider the situation before talking bad about the person.

So, am I free from bullying?  I experienced some kind of unintentional bullying during my married life.  But I guess I snapped back to reality that I have to do something about it.  And now, I am free from bullying.  Because now, I am a show-off.  Try to bully me, I would morph myself into a different person.  Here’s something.  I love wearing sexy clothes now.  Hubby can’t humiliate me in front of other people because the moment people saw me, especially the guys, they tell him how beautiful and sexy his wife is.  If he still humiliates me, enumerating the fatty parts of my body in front of his family, relative, friends, and even those people that are business-related to him, he’ll just look dumb.  I just hope when that happens, a guy would rescue me and be my Prince Charming, rescuing me from the humiliation 🙂

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