I am now one of the J.Co crazies!

Before, I am one of those who are thinking about how many crazies are there lining up in the J.Co store.  What are they thinking lining up, waiting that seems forever just to buy that J.Co doughnuts.

One night, my husband brought some baby doughnut leftovers.  And I so love the taste!  I love eating doughnuts though.  But those from J.Co are different.

I love J.Co doughnuts instantly!  And those baby doughnuts you can just munch them whole inside your mouth!

My son loves those baby doughnuts too.  I am so convinced that J.Co is worth spending time to line-up and wait just to purchase.  Yeah you can call me one of the J.Co crazies now.  But still, I am not going to line up if there’s more than 15 heads on the line, if there are no special occasion to buy yummy food.

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