To be strict or not to be strict to buyers…

It is so hard to always say the word yes, and just nod on the demands and request of the buyers.

Buyer #1

I got a buyer who asked if he can get the stocks in advance and would pay on a specified date.  I had agreed on this one.  But there’s this time when I said no to him.  I am short of cash and stocks.  I was hoping he would understand but I throw me text messages that I had changed, that sending stocks in advance is part of a business.

First of all, I am only an online shop.  And online shops doesn’t really send stocks to buyers until a payment is received.  Second, why would a buyer dictate the seller.  It’s not like the buyer is getting hundreds of stocks monthly.  Ten pieces of items per month or two, does the buyer have the right to dictate on the decisions of the seller?


Buyer #2

Okay, this buyer have Facebook group, made their list of legit online seller, and had even a company name.  If you would look at all angles, their self-confidence just equals to what they show to the people around them.  But really, when will you pay your balance?  I am so thankful that you didn’t run away from me.  But you still got more than 4,000 Pesos to pay.  And it seems like you plan to be paying me 300 – 500 Pesos per year.  I hope you would be able to pay everything before year 2020.  And please, try to understand, I do not have special price for resellers anymore.  The first reason is because of you.  Please respect your supplier and your courier.  It is your fault, not us.  You are too high.  I felt like you’re always stepping on me.


I am very strict with my price and everything.  But I do adjust for buyers who are very good at ordering.  I even cram on shipping their package, not ASAP, but on the spot if possible.


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