Something is coming on my life…

Everything is a risk.  Whatever decision we make, it is a risk, we just may not know it.  Good results?  Then we tell ourselves that we are lucky.  Luck comes in if we did something that brings good results.  Bad results?  Then we are also lucky (some how) that we learn from it, and do our next move, for a successful future.

What am I talking about?  I am somewhat of a risk taker.  I may risk on a decision, without involving anyone (wherein I should involve anyone) , then I would just make the big announcement when it becomes successful.  Example is my online shop.

I do have some plans and I can see and feel that by next year, I would be very happy with the result.  I would be earning big while still giving priority with my kids and their studies.  I am by the way the one who is tutoring my grade 1 kid.

I would announce the big news here this month or next month.

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