Cool Wedding Favors

Who doesn’t love wedding favors? People are ignoring wedding favors nowadays.  But really, that favor that your quests would receive would serve as a memorable treat.  And edible or not, the more unique your favor is, the more your guests would appreciate and remember your wedding.

All ladies of all ages, singles or even those married, are all fascinated with receiving a favor in a reception.  So, what should you get as a wedding favor?  Consider what you want your guests to experience with your favor.  Do you want to give an edible or a non-edible one?  If it is a non-edible favor, would you prefer them to display it on their cabinet, or use it, or carry it along with them?

From key chains to photo frames, from macaroons to candies, from candles to spoons (yes you heard it right, SPOONS), you’ll never get tired of looking for a favor for your wedding.  In fact, you might have a hard time selecting a kind of favor!

Check these new favors out at Favor Warehouse.  I never get tired of looking at what possible favor a new couple can give!

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