I had ignored my blogs so much!

I had ignored my blogs so much, too long that I missed my blogs everyday.  And now that I had some time (I really do not have extra time), I am writing this as a sorry note directly to my blogs.

If my blogs can only speak, I guess it would just shout in front of my face for ignoring them too long.  Maybe I would also get a slap on the face from each of my blogs.  I can actually imagine it.  I am imagining it now.

I can not make a pledge to be loyal to my blogs anymore.  In my heart, I do not want to ignore my blogs.  But I guess things had gotten out of control, but in a good way.

There are good things happening in my life.  There are different challenges coming.  But I am learning a lot of things and is looking forward for a better future, mentally and financially.

More about this soon.

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