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I am now one of the J.Co crazies!

Before, I am one of those who are thinking about how many crazies are there lining up in the J.Co store.  What are they thinking lining up, waiting that seems forever just to buy that J.Co doughnuts.

One night, my husband brought some baby doughnut leftovers.  And I so love the taste!  I love eating doughnuts though.  But those from J.Co are different.

I love J.Co doughnuts instantly!  And those baby doughnuts you can just munch them whole inside your mouth!

My son loves those baby doughnuts too.  I am so convinced that J.Co is worth spending time to line-up and wait just to purchase.  Yeah you can call me one of the J.Co crazies now.  But still, I am not going to line up if there’s more than 15 heads on the line, if there are no special occasion to buy yummy food.

Pokka Strawberry Milk Drink

Strawberry + Milk  Drink = Yummy!

Yes, I love strawberry flavor drinks.  And I love flavored milk drinks, like milk tea, pandan milk tea, taro milk tea, any kind of milk tea, strawberry shake (guilty pleasure), strawberry icecream, anything strawberry…

The Pokka Strawberry Milk Drink is one of the best drink I have ever tasted!  I want to buy one.   I would need to go to a supermarket and look for this one.

pokka strawberry milk drink

Kraft Singles Cheese Slices 97% Fat Free

Promise!  This is really yummy!  This is really perfect with hamburger, ham, or eat it as it is.   It’s the Kraft Singles Cheese Slices.  I had tried the 97% Fat Free singles cheese of Kraft and love it.

If I would happen to pass by a supermarket, I would buy a pack or two.  I love munching on two slices of the Kraft Singles Cheese.  And the 97% Fat Free makes me like munching on three slices at the same time!

Payless Xtra Big Pancit Canton Kalamansi

I remember eating this and got addicted to this pancit canton when I was pregnant.  Although I am addicted to Payless Xtra Big Pancit Canton, I only ate once a week.  And I can eat the whole pack!  This pancit canton isn’t like the other brand (won’t say!).  Payless doesn’t have the after-taste effect.

payless pancit canton calamansi

Just remember, don’t eat too much instants.  But really, this is really yummy!

Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze Cheddar Spread

Magnolia Cheezee Squeeze is my son’s and my favorite cheddar cheese spread.  First of all, it’s in tetra pack with a resealable cap.  Second, you don’t actually need a spoon to spread it to the bread.  Just squeeze the pack so the cheese comes out.

I think this is one of the perfect spread to bring everywhere you go, like to the office and even to a picnic.  And this is great if you got children and all of you would be going somewhere.  If your kids got hungry, then you can just spread it in the bread.  Of course you have to bring bread.  No bread wasted because you don’t need spread the cheese to the bread before going out the house.  Bring the cheddar spread pack and loaf of bread with you.  Spread the cheese only when needed.

And have fun squeezing and spreading cheese to the bread.

Tell me What’s your flava =)

I’m a health buff right now so I’m also watching what I eat. But, the gym trainer said that we can have at least one cheat day where we can eat our food cravings only for one day. How is that sounds?

Ice cream is for everybody. It’s weird when anyone doesn’t like to eat ice cream. He’s definitely missing a lot of his short life. Nestle Ice Cream has now these 0% Fat ice cream with flavors like Café Mocha, Vanilla, Mango and Ube. It has no sugar added so it is very guilt-free. I love it! Really! Exclusively available at Mercury Drug.

Banapple Cake

We got a 3/4 portion of a Banapple cake and it’s so yummy!  I guess the only cakes I know are Goldilocks and Red Ribbon!  I do remember Joni’s  (I think I got the spelling wrong)  🙂

I also know Dezaato Pan too.  I think it’s my husband’s favorite cake.  Or, it’s the cake he had tried and loved.  We’re just up to those brands.

The Banapple hmmm I wonder how much a cake cost…