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For Music Pros and Non-Pros: FabFilter

The music industry has led the leading competitors create the best music tone and sound, editing the crispiness and smoothness of every sound of the music, whatever the music type be. If you are a professional (or even an non-pro who loves music editing and music arrangements), the fabfilter – can be one of the best application you’ll use.

Even known people in the music industry use fabfilter.

Microphone With Good Review

Your voice is of an angel. You got good vocal chords on your lungs. But then you need to perform live somewhere. Now, you are not just depending on yourself if your audience will like you or not. There would be more factors that would either give you the wow factor, or the boo-hoo screams.

The band that will play the music, the instruments used, the speakers and sub-woofers installed for the performance, the microphone, and more  – those all does affect the whole performance.

Example.  For microphones, the shure pg42 mic would not require you to use pad.  It already sound great!

An Interview by The Hub with Monster Cable Noel Lee

Noel Lee was a drummer in a musical band. He is an audiophile. He has also background on engineering. With those strength and personal characteristics, in 1979, he created Monster Cable that makes the music accurate and clear.

Monster Cable was popular to audiophiles.  But to the other engineers and scientist, he needs to prove the difference between his Monster Cable from other “work-around” cables.

Here is the complete text of the inverview of the hub with noel lee.

How to buy a acoustic guitar

How would you buy a acoustic guitar? What are the things that you should keep in mind before you buy one?  Of course, all of us would like to select on the good acoustic guitars available.   There are a lot of good guitars.  But what is your purpose?

Keep in mind that purpose is very important.  Are you a newbie, an amateur or a pro.  A good guitar for amateurs might not serve its purpose for pro.  So you should know what you are.

What kind of music do you love to play?  Different guitars have different sound effect.  The strings got a lot of saying on this.  Love to play rock?  Go with the steel.

But of course, know your budget too 🙂  This is oh so important.  No more explanation needed.

Pocket Guitar Multi Effect Processor

Love playing with your electric guitar? If you are a mobile type of person who is always on the go, and loves to play your guitar anywhere, instead of buying or bringing bulky amps and other accessories that tunes the sound of the guitar, try a pocket guitar multi effect processor that is handy.  You would love the effect of the sound your guitar would produce.

6 String Mandolin

A 6 string mandolin is one of the different kinds of mandolin. A mandolin is a musical instrument of the lute family. Aside from its differences on the number of strings, mandolins also have different back shapes that causes different types of sound. Different country or continent has their own version of mandolin that makes their music unique.

If you would like to start playing mandolin, check what kind of music you would like to play so you can get yourself the right type of mandolin.  And before buying, check the brand first.  Make sure that the strings are also of good quality.  Everything contributes to make the sound at its best.

Guitar String… Blue!

Musical instrument sounds do vary depending on the instrument itself.  When we talk about electric guitars, the sound would depend on the strings.  Of course we would also check on the amplifiers and other things.  But the strings would give the feel of the music.  Put in the right strings and the sound of the guitar would sound superb.

Check out the 2556 review to see what people say about this guitar string.

blue steel guitar string

Guitar Picks

Do you know that guitar picks may differ in shape and size, and each kind differs in quality? Just like that on muscians friend, picks ranges from cheaper to high priced picks, depending on the quality and brand.

Good quality picks produces better quality sound.  For beginners, it is best to get a standard pick.  For professionals, a good quality pick is needed.