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The Brutal Death of Baby Brianna

This is an old story to tell, but I just found this on a friend’s YouTube post.

The story of the to-be 6 months old baby Brianna broke my heart. She was thrown on the air, hit the ceiling and floor about three times, beaten and raped by her own family! She got bruises all over her body. She cried, but all ignored the pain she felt. She’s 5 months old!!!

If you hadn’t heard of her story, check out the video below.

Now, are you thinking of a way to punish all who had done wrong to her? For me, they should die slowly. Had you watched Hostel? They should end up like that. But a more brutal than Hostel would be better for them to feel the pain they had cause to baby Brianna. And they shouldn’t end up dying to quickly like in the film. Babies are so delicate, and with a little pain, they would cry. Little pain for us hurts them much. Just imagine how baby Brianna felt. I can’t imagine it!!!