Starbucks Planner 2017 Philippines

And when the Starbucks planner design is getting simplier and simplier every year, it’s different for the year 2017.  The Starbucks Planner 2017 gives you the feel of the “Starbucks”!

Two designs to choose from: the Mermaid and the Coffee. Each design, you can select for either the small or regular design.

According to some friends, the Mermaid regular size is the favorite pick among Starbucks coffee drinkers.

Each planner comes with a pen, magnet book marker and a planner case.

Start collecting stickers from November 2, 2016 to January 8, 2017.

How to avail these wonderful planners?  You need to buy any gandcrafted drinks, collect stickers, and exchange the collected stickers into a planner of your choice.

  • 9 Holiday Features Beverages: Toffee Nut Latte, Peppermint Mocha, Santa Hat Dark Mocha.
  • 9 Starbucks core beverage of your choice (except bottled water, bottled drinks and fruit juices)
  • Starbucks Planner 2017 Philippines

How can you get one a Starbucks Planner 2017?

Collecting stickers buy buying hand-crafted drinks from November 2, 2016 to January 8, 2017.  You would need to purchase:

  • 9 Holiday Features Beverages: Toffee Nut Latte, Peppermint Mocha, Santa Hat Dark Mocha.
  • 9 Starbucks core beverage of your choice (except bottled water, bottled drinks and fruit juices)

I am sure the Millenials aould enjoy the unique design of the planner.

What design do you choose?  I would love to get the mermaid design. The regular size.

Microphone With Good Review

Your voice is of an angel. You got good vocal chords on your lungs. But then you need to perform live somewhere. Now, you are not just depending on yourself if your audience will like you or not. There would be more factors that would either give you the wow factor, or the boo-hoo screams.

The band that will play the music, the instruments used, the speakers and sub-woofers installed for the performance, the microphone, and more  – those all does affect the whole performance.

Example.  For microphones, the shure pg42 mic would not require you to use pad.  It already sound great!

200 Pounds Beauty

Anybody remember this?

200 Pounds Beauty.  A movie about an obese lady conquering her dreams.

This film is funny.  This film is very inspiring.  And this film has a lesson.  Never stop fightning for what you want to achieve in life.

Okay, I think I am getting so serious now.  Anyway, watch this film with your family of BFFs.  This film will surely take all your stress for the day.

An Interview by The Hub with Monster Cable Noel Lee

Noel Lee was a drummer in a musical band. He is an audiophile. He has also background on engineering. With those strength and personal characteristics, in 1979, he created Monster Cable that makes the music accurate and clear.

Monster Cable was popular to audiophiles.  But to the other engineers and scientist, he needs to prove the difference between his Monster Cable from other “work-around” cables.

Here is the complete text of the inverview of the hub with noel lee.

Stride Rite Shoes Star Wars Themed

I am so amaze that this pair of shoes of Ivan is still alive!  Since 2014, Ivan have been wearing his Stride Rite Star Wars themed rubber shoes 2 to 3 times a week.  The shoe size is a little larger for Ivan when I bought it.

If I am going to compare this shoe to the World Balance white rubber shoes that costs more that this one, Stride Rite is a money saver!  The World Balance white rubber shoes didn’t actually lasts Ivan’s “torture” on rubber shoes.  It didn’t even lasts for a year!  It even costs more.

I have decided that my kids’ shoes would be from Stride Rite!

star wars shoes

Eximius Miracle Oil

Eximius Miracle Oil
(60 ml)

What is Eximius Miracle Oil?

Here are the properties of Eximius Miracle Oil:

  • Immuno Boost
  • A Structured Lipid
  • Expose Molecules Oil
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides

Eximius Miracle Oil has the properties to destroy the cancer cells and virus.  It can penetrate the enveloped cancer cell wall.  This is better than nano-technology!  Cancer patients undergo radiation and chemotherapy because these procedures destroys the enveloped cancer cell.  But at the same time, it also destroys the good cell.

eximius miracle oil

How effective is Eximius Miracle Oil to Cancer Patients?

We have testimonials of cancer patients that felt better.  Here are some of them.

She has few days to live.  She has continues bleeding near her underarm.  She was able to go home from the hospital and was recovering.

eximius miracle oil cancer testimonial

My buyer tried a bottle of Eximius.  He felt he has more energy compare to before.  He ordered more bottles of Eximius!

eximius miracle oil cancer testimonial

Can Eximius Cure Other Health Problems?

Eximius Miracle is not only for cancer patients.  It can also help people with different kids of illnesses.

Here are the list of some of the illnesses Eximius can help.

1. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
2. Hepatitis & C-Viral Infections
3. Blood Brain Barriers
4. Cancer Cells
5. Liver Infections
6. Brain Diseases
7. Other Health Problems such as:
Stroke and High Cholesterol
Gastric Problems / Acidity / Acid Reflux
High Blood Pressure
High Sugar Level
Fights Pneumonia, Dengue Virus
Staphylococci Infections (Boils)
8. Aids the body in
Increase Body Resistance / Energy Booster
Immune System Defense
Attack/Neutralizes Blood solids
Revitalizes Skin, Body and hair
Regulates / Balances Body Hormones
Controlling Allergic Reaction
Relieves muscle spasm / Cramps / Rheumatism / Arthritis and Gout
Heals burned skin fast.

Here are some of the testimonials:

An HIV positive patient tried Eximius Miracle Oil.  After his first bottle, he has black poop.  On the 7th bottle, he will have a screening test.  He also gained weight.  The HIV has just started.  But HIV is HIV.  We didn’t expect that he’ll be cured just for taking 7 bottles!

Update:  His screening test shows that he is free from HIV!

eximius miracle oil hiv testimonial

He can’t breathe.  Of course he can but he has a problem with breathing.  Talking, walking, etc (Yes, talking) makes him hard to breathe.  He’s pulse is abnormal.  Every after 2 counts, his palpable pulse is so weak.  He even got a bell at his home to call anyone if he needs something.  After 3 bottles, he felt a lot better.  After a week of taking Eximius, he doesn’t need his bell anymore.  He even goes out by himself for changing his car oil.


There are lots of testimonials after they use Eximius Miracle Oil.

For buying and inquiries, do contact us through the following:

New look for Wonder Meimi Blog

Last year after I updated the version of this WordPress blog, this blog was a total mess! There are error codes on the upper part of this blog. I was like “Oh my blog!!!” shouting screaming on my mind. I do not want to change my blog theme on that time. But I have no choice. The theme is not compatible with the current version of WordPress. I changed my theme with the best theme for me. It isn’t really the best theme I want. But I told myself that I would just select one and customize it.

I really do not have time to customize the design.  Until yesterday I met a blogger friend.  I told myself that I miss my blogs and I can not just let it be like that.

It was all black.  No header image.  Well now, this blog got a simple black and white color theme with a header image.   The header image is of blue color because my original theme for this is color blue too.  What’s with the heart?  I just like hearts 🙂

How to buy a acoustic guitar

How would you buy a acoustic guitar? What are the things that you should keep in mind before you buy one?  Of course, all of us would like to select on the good acoustic guitars available.   There are a lot of good guitars.  But what is your purpose?

Keep in mind that purpose is very important.  Are you a newbie, an amateur or a pro.  A good guitar for amateurs might not serve its purpose for pro.  So you should know what you are.

What kind of music do you love to play?  Different guitars have different sound effect.  The strings got a lot of saying on this.  Love to play rock?  Go with the steel.

But of course, know your budget too 🙂  This is oh so important.  No more explanation needed.

I love Envelope Bags

I do not know why but when I saw this bag on the mall, it seems like it’s calling me to buy it. Sorry I am into extreme 🙂

At those times, 3 years ago maybe, I love green.  Up to now I do love green fashion items.  But before, when it’s green, then I would really like it.

And I love envelope bags.  I see girls carrying envelope bags and I wonder where they bought it.  When I saw this in the mall with a reasonable price, I just bought it.  Until now, I am using it.

envelope bag

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