Baby’s Last Vaccination: To vaccine or Not

I already heard deaths of babies after combined vaccines, about 4 babies! My cousin’s baby almost died but got lucky when they rushed her to the hospital in the middle of the night. The baby turned into bluish violet in color. Other babies who died also became that color before they died.

I asked a doctor, well-known one, that have an immunization center… well he and other doctors said that maybe the injection needle is not clean. Then why the hell did all those baby suffered after combined injection?

My baby also had combined injections, 3 in 1, 4 in 1, 5 in 1. I was very hesitant when the pediatrician told me that it’s a combined injection. But I gave in when I thought that she has vaccinated a lot of babies and kids, and that all are safe and alive. My baby got fever after the combined injections. I am lucky. We were lucky.

Now, there’s only one vaccine left, the varicella vaccine, known as vaccine for chicken pox.

I am a couch potato sometimes even for my baby. But it actually depends. For vaccines, I don’t mind delaying the schedule for his vaccination. And that’s my mother’s advice too. The baby is so delicate. Why rush the vaccination.

As of my knowledge, a vaccine have the virus/bacteria/disease (what ever it is called) in a form that it is not harmful. The vaccine is going to prepare the body of the baby from the real thing.

But the baby is so delicate. It’s a simple analysis. We don’t want our babies to eat their dirty hands, even a little dirt, even a tiny winy dirt. But tiny winy virus/bacteria/disease to be injected directly to out baby’s body is okay???

Before combined vaccinations on my baby, there’s the single injections. And before the schedule of the vaccinations, I was thinking if I would really get my baby vaccinated. I am aware that my baby might get fever or constipation.

Okay, the real part of this post. My husband’s relative Get Tan had forward to me an article about Why Medical Authorities Went to Such Extremes to Silence Dr. Andrew Wakefield. I hadn’t read the article yet. But I am reading the transcript of the interview to Dr. Andrew Wakefield. Still on half way, but I am learning a lot, and really nodding my head to what Dr. Andrew Wakefield is saying.

He’s point is, he supports single vaccines, but wouldn’t support MMR vaccine (hmmm maybe all other combined vaccines I don’t know). MMR stands for measles, mumps and rubella (also called German measles).

It’s the last vaccination, should we go to the pediatrician?

Vacation Leave or Resign?

My mother-in-law is going back to China for more than a month. My husband would also be going with her but just for a week. There are no confirmed dates of when they would go and come back. They’ll be visiting China because my sister-in-law (at last!) would be bearing a baby. Maybe July or August they said…

Our maid would leave us because his father had a health problem. She’ll be going back to their home with her older sister to take good care of their father.

That’s the plan.

But what about me, what about my baby Ivan!

One of my boss said that I can’t have a 1 month vacation leave, that it’s too long, that it’s unappropriate, that I have to do something about it, that it’s my work that we’re talking about. I told them that it’s going to be a month leave. I thought my mother-in-law would be gone for only a month. It’s just recent that I found out she’ll stay at China for more than a month!

How about my work? Actually, I only care for my baby, nothing more. I work to have money, not to earn knowledge. The gaining more knowledge comes in combination with having a job, right? But one can work with no salary, well if one wants too. I’m sorry, my mind as a programmer is working again. But I think it’s pretty logical.

So, still, I haven’t told my two boss about the more than 1 month leave of my mother-in-law. At least I told them the possibility of me applying for a vacation leave.

If ever that they wouldn’t allow me to have a vacation leave according to the days my mother-in-law would be in China, then I might apply for a resignation. Or it can be an indefinite leave, something like I would leave the company and would come back when everything is back to normal.

If anyone is suggesting for me to work at home, it’s impossible. My job is programming, and sometimes I would need to call or take calls from clients. How on earth would I do those if I have a baby to take care of. I also got a really bad dead line schedules. toxic really!

But definitely, I won’t leave blogging and my online shop. Those two are the extra money making wherein I own my time and can do those whenever I have time to check them.

An annoying Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee Buyer

I got a Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee buyer who asked me if she can get 50% of, and then later bargained for free shipping. Giving her a free shipping would make me negative benefit from the sale. Then later, she’s asking for a free box!!!

I really want to send her a text message and tell her that I am a seller online because I need money badly. And she’s buying slimming products because she can afford it. But she said that she can’t afford a box worth 190php of Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee!

In my opinion, if you can’t afford to buy extra stuff that isn’t a necessity, don’t buy it.


Possible Reasons:
1. From coughing because of that “Mojacko Chicharon”. Yes, the name of the Chicharon is “Mojacko” with “Mojacko” anime character printed on the plastic pouch.
2. Coughing and that makes me immune to more available bacteria around. After drinking filtered water from the office, I slowly felt different. I didn’t noticed the water to have algae/molds/i don’t know what it is. I drank a few water and some pieces of those.
3. Taking a bath on the 2nd floor at home, then stopping by at the 3rd floor until baby Ivan finishes his breakfast, before I would be able to go up to the 4th floor and prepare. I am still wet with no towels to keep me dry when I’m on the 3rd floor. The wind from outside and from the electric fan makes me chill. Plus, I’m coughing.

Right now, I’m at the office, still taking medicines.

Bad Mood!!!

I wonder… do husbands playfully joke on calling their wife with bad words??? I really hate it when my husband does that. He even told me that “hanggang salita ka lang.” I was thinking, what did I do, I mean, what did I didn’t do for him to say that.

He always tell me “piaw-si-eh-di” (t*ng-in* mo talaga), and it’s a joke!!! And I hate that. I had talked to him about that countless of times. I even cried because I felt so alone. There are times when I want to go out with some guy friends just to feel that there are still some who do care about me, even for temporary time. I mean we’ll dine out and watch a movie. I don’t experience that with my husband, although we dine out when we’re not yet married.

Lately, I wear our wedding ring since I got thinner and the ring fits my finger again. I don’t take it off. And now, the ring is above my baby’s milk can, on the living room. I want to wait if I would feel alright the next day or two. I was also planning to sleep in the living room tonight and make him take care of our Ivan (since he said that I don’t do what I said). But still, I can’t leave my Ivan to him. F*ck with the Chinese culture of only the woman take care of the baby during night time! It makes my husband an idiot when it comes to taking care of babies during night time.

I cry a lot but I am strong. I am a nagger but I still let others do what they want, even if sometimes it’s something that is not right. I try to love my life, but for real, I hate it. I have my Ivan, but still there’s something missing, a husband that won’t call me names like “piggy” in front of his parents, and won’t talk to me and tell me those bad words. He sounds like he’s not joking, but he is, well I’m not really sure.

I don’t regret my life before I met him. Now, even though we have some happy moments, there’s this portion on my heart that regrets about marrying this guy. He’s a good son, a good brother, a good relative, a good friend, a good association member, a good father. But a good husband? He is a good husband, but not really as good as that. Get my point?

I sometimes told him, at their house (his and his parent’s, even though we rent this house), I am not a wife, but a daughter-in-law.

“Are you happy with your work?”

I hate people asking me if I’m happy on my work because people can’t seem to get satisfied with my answer. My answer is always “I’m okay with my work.” What people want to hear is “I am very happy.”, or “I am not happy with my current work.” I also hate the motto of some people that on work, the best benefit is the knowledge that we gain for it. The motto is just for those who needs money, but won’t die or won’t get hungry without work for about 6 months or more. I work for money. I do overtime work and extra jobs when I’m new in working to get more knowledge and experience. I don’t get enough salary and I don’t get overtime pay for those. I am thinking for the long term. I am planning of getting bigger salary than the others. I am planning of getting more monetary perks than my co-employees of the same field. I am planning of becoming a regular employee even on the first day of the job. Well all of those happen, until I get married and tried a company with promises of giving me really good salary and perks. Until now, the salary and perks are still “on the plan”.

I wonder, what would happen next year. I am excited for the opening of the LRT-MRT connection train. That means I would be able to look for other work. I mean, I am married with a kid. I now look for convenience. I don’t know how can I explain it, but I got lots of things to do.

Update on the “Financial Crisis” post…

I was absent from work last October 19, 2009. Why? That “financial crisis” night was a horror!

Yes, I said that I would update that post….

I’m also absent from work today. – on next post
ang pao (red envelope)… on next next post
food and others sent to China (sometimes)… on next next next post

I guess I would just put everything here.

I’m so stressed that night, and the next morning, my husband and I had a little fight that became big. I hate it when my husband just ignores what I say. Yeah, I’m kind of “bungangera”. Paano ba naman, he’s not listening, or just ignoring, or doesn’t like to hear and talk about it because of pressure, etc….. He would just answer, a answer of a joker, with no sense. I would ask if he got some earnings for the month. He would answer 5 Pesos, or 1M! Or he would say 13k. Then the next month, he would again answer 13k. Yun pala, yung 13k last month, eh wala pa sa kamay nya. Sa next month pa nya makuha. So when you total all the earnings for 2 months, according to him, it’s 26k. But the real amount is 13k. The amount above are for sample purposes only. Naks hahaha!

Then the angpao. 30k na lang sa bank account, and kailangan pang magbigay ng ang paoooooooooo. Tang inang buhay naman ito! Luckily, my husband didn’t attend one of the parties so he save some. 3 angpao ata dapat lahat yun, 2 na lang yung niprepare nya. Each angpao is worth 2.5k or 2k. Bad trip!

Then right now, they also donated on the association under the name of my father-in-law. 5k from us, and then 5k from my bro-in-law. Hay nako!!!

And those packages they prepare to be sent to China! Haayyys. Sandals worthing 120php is so cheap. But buying 10 pairs of those is another thing. Hay nako talaga.

So, ganun ako katanga. Nagtatanga-tangahan lang pala.

I’m still cool. I’m so cool. Mahilig lang talaga ako magmura kahit sa blogs ko. Sorry.

Financial Crisis…

I’m in a financial crisis. I don’t know if “financial crisis” is the right term. But that’s what I want to use. Anyway…

Many businessmen are having financial problems nowadays. Less customer count, less sales from existing customers, bouncing checks, higher employee salary, higher bills…

My brother-in-law has a shop selling shirts and pants on Baclaran. He sells shirts and pants as whole sale, for resellers. I don’t know what happened, but he’s having financial problems. He sometimes ask my husband to lend him money, and in return is a post-dated check. He borrows xxx,xxx.00 from us.

But this time, the check would bounce. My brother-in-law had advised my husband no not deposit the check. After a month, and another month and so on… I ask my husband about the money. He said that he’s brother hasn’t the money yet. I get tired of asking. And I thought that he had already paid us.

Last night, my husband, my baby and my mother-in-law went to my bro-in-law’s to fetch my father-in-law. When they all came home, husband seems annoyed, angry…

My parents-in-law hadn’t went upstairs until my husband went to our room. I later found out that my husband asked his brother about the money. And my mother-in-law scolded him for that. There are some clients who hadn’t paid them yet. And many has no plans of paying. Those clients had already disappeared. I think, summing everything up, there’s more than 1 million Peso of unpaid and would never be paid money to them.

My husband was asking me how much I still have on my account. I only got x,xxx.00 on my account. And x,xxx.00 on PayPal. The x,xxx.00 on my account is originally xx,xxx.00. I withdrew money to buy watches and others to sell. The money I received from the buyers went to my pocket and on the envelope on the table drawer. My salary goes to the envelope too, and xxx.00 to my pocket. Everything on that envelope is for everybody. My husband hands money from the envelope to my mother-in-law, for the everyday necessity. My husband’s pocket money is from the envelope too.

The past month and this month, my husband hadn’t got any income. The past months, I think there’s no income too. This coming month, there should be an xx,xxx.00 but still not sure if his client would still continue with the deal.

I should be upset. And I am upset. But I try to cool down. After my husband told me about the money his brother borrowed from us, and his mother scolded him, I try to stay cool. I am cool. But my husband almost cried. We have bills to pay. He still got xx,xxx.00 on his other account. But after paying all the bills, plus the house rent, we would end up xxx.00!!!

I just told my husband to not ask his brother about the money anymore, so his mother won’t get angry. And if his brother got the money, if he’s a good brother, he would pay us. If he doesn’t, then just don’t argue with them.

I told my husband, that next time, he should tell me and ask me if it’s okay to lend money to his brother or to others. He should!!! Because it’s our money! It’s not because we’re husband and wife. But because xxx,xxx.00 of the money borrowed by his brother is our money as husband and wife, and the other xxx,xxx.00 is my money. I don’t want to lend the money because it’s double the money he used to borrow. But my husband had already told him that he would. Every happened in a snap! My brother-in-law called on my husband’s mobile phone that night that he need that big amount of money. Husband said yes. When my brother-in-law came to pick the check, and give us the post-dated check, my husband asked me to write a check amounting to xxx,xxx.00 for his brother. Everybody was in the living room, my husband, my bro-in-law, my parents-in-law, and me. I can’t say no or even question why. I just go and prepare the check. When everybody was gone, I then ask my husband why.

I also told him that, before he lends money, he should think of his family first. And he should check, if he lend this amount of money, then this amount is the only left on his account, would he have problems if ever the borrower can’t pay at exactly the set date of payment, and would he and his family survive if the money would not be returned.

Right now, after paying the bills, we still have some, about xx,xxx.00. My monthly salary + the money from PayPal – husband’s gasoline – everyday food and others – Ivan’s milk, diaper and others – ang pao (red envelope) – food and others sent to China (sometimes) – etc etc etc… how would we survive?

But I’m still cool, very cool, just like nothing has happened. And I don’t know why I feel like this.

I’m also absent from work today.

I’m also absent from work today. – on next post
ang pao (red envelope)… on next next post
food and others sent to China (sometimes)… on next next next post

Stressful days are over, for now…

This week I’m kind of relieved, and lifted a little, but not for long. The project I am handling is now for user testing stage. A new project is to come. Actually, it’s not really new. The new thing is the contract. There would be a revamp on the previous project that I have done.

Just please, I hope that schedule with overtime that I would prepare would not be again tagged as “ang tagal”. For one, the schedules that I prepare is somewhat no standing, no drinking, no snack, lunch for 5 to 8 minutes, no talking, etc! But dahil matakaw ako, nandun pa ren yung eating.

I had relate this to one of my boss, the no standing, no talking (medyo hahaha) and the etc. Ah before I forgot, I also told my boss that I need to open my computer, plus the thinking, plus the opening of the programming language tool, database tool, etc… that it’s not one click and it’s done. I got to wait for those to open before I can start doing my job.

Plus that shitty phone!!! It rang so frequently disturbing my concentration! I told that too to my boss. Yes, shitty phone. All the foul words are running on my mind when the phone rang during those super toxic days. I had even plurked (a new verb?) it. Just a simple plurk message “shitty phone” (not sure if I spelled it shitty or shittie, and don’t know if it’s the right word, and if that word exists. Right or wrong, what I want to shout out loud is “t@ng-in@ng phone yan, t@ng-in@@@@@@@!!!” But it’s a success, the next time the phone rang, my other boss answered the phone immediately. All succeeding (and even previous) calls were for him. It’s always for him.

Just imagine, you prepared a schedule for the project. It’s called a schedule. Why the heck would I count extra time to be added on that schedule? I’m not even told to do overtime work! But I did just to cover the time that should be covered caused by other projects. And HE would say that the schedule is to long! Then yun nga, iiklian pa ang schedule ko. Then the phone would ring non-stop? Then ako pa ren ang dapat sumagot ng phone??? Tapos panay personal calls! Sinabi ko ren yan sa isa kong boss. And I told him that I plurked it. I explained that hindi sa lumalaki ang ulo ko, but any programmer, with that kind of sched, then in that kind of position, sasabog talaga. Bat ayaw sagutin nung isang boss yung phone eh alam naman nyang kanya, nakatunganga lang sya.

I think the “shitty phone” plurk of mine really works. Kasi minsan, kung hindi sya busy, and he knows that I’m busy, he answers the phone hahaha. Eh may hand held naman na extension, dapat lang!


Sorry eto maglalabas na ako ng sama ng loob ko, again and again and again. Kanina pa pala ako naglalabas ng sama ng loob. For those who doesn’t want to read rants. Please skip hahaha! Kailangan ko lang ilabas ito sa blog ko….. GAME!

Ayaw kong magmayabang. I can’t even compare myself to other programmers kasi wala ako masyadong nakakasamang programmers. Pero lahat ng programmers na kinaiinisan kong makawork, it’s either they were treated as higher position than me, pero mga bobo naman sa programming, lalaki lang sila, pero bobo talaga sila. Sila ren yung either kasing salary ko or medyo mas mataas lang ng konti sa akin ang salary.

Pero yung mga kasundo ko, yung mga nakawork ko na matino, yung mga nakawork ko na nagkakasundo kami and yung kalevel ko ang knowledge, ang salary nila is almost double, somewhat double, double, or higher than my salary.

What I want to point out is, since they know na mahirap maghanap ng programmer na marunong magprogram, mag analyze, mag voice out, magcreate ng database, hindi kaya dapat, naisip NYA na baka hindi na sila makatagpo ng gaya ko? Marami palang gaya ko. The question is, meron kayang magtagal sa kanila ng gaya ko with that salary, and with the lies?

Pero alam nila yun. Nagresign na ren yung new programmer na hindi pa regular. Personal reason. Pero siguro kung tama ang treatment and kung ok ang salary, siguro hindi sya magreresign. Siguro hahanap at hahanap sya ng way para hindi sya magresign. Pero worth namang magresign sya. It’s not worth to stay in the company regarding sa personal problem nya.

Hindi na ako magbloblog na naghahanap company namin ng delphi programmer!!! Ayaw kong sa akin galing ang makukuha nilang programmer. Sila na bahala maghanap. Magbayad na lang sila ulit para makahanap ng wala!

Hayyyyy buhay nga naman. Pero ok lang, buti na lang may blog, labasan ng sama ng loob. And buti na lang may paraan upang kumita online. Hayyy nako oo nga pala, meron pang issue regarding sa work ko and sa pag extra ko sa online money. Next blog na lang, masyado na mahaba itong post ko.

I’m so stressed!!!

I’m getting those rashes on my cheeks.

This is my stress level:
rashes on arms – normal (stressed by still okay, that’s my life)
rashes on cheeks – too stressed (alarming)

I am stressed because of so many reasons. I learned to hate my work. I don’t know when would I love my work again. I hate how my husband treats me. He is lucky his parents live with us, or I won’t be able to take the pressure regarding his attitude. I know I am so lucky on my life. I can feel that I have luck on career and money, even though I’m not just too lucky like others.

I hope my husband would learn how to treat me as a wife, regarding decision-making at home. I hope my employer would realize how important I am on their company. Wouldn’t I be an important employee if I am the only programmer they got among their employees? Well, they got two regular employees.

I need to pamper myself. I just gave a little pampering yesterday. For more than 12 months, I had never enjoyed dining out alone. My dinner cost 158 Pesos on Tropical Hut. I pigged out on their rice with 1 pc. burger steak and 3 pcs. lumpiang shanghai, 1 large Mug Rootbeer softdrinks, 1 fruit salad and 1 regular french fries.

I was really in a bad mood yesterday morning. But after the dinner, I went home smiling :p

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