Our Meralco Bill!!!

Our last Meralco bill reached more than 4,000.00 Php. It’s the aircon that’s opened every evening up to morning, then lunch, and then in the afternoon. Last month, it’s so hot that my baby cries for aircon. Yeah, babies are like that. They love aircons.

The next bill, I’m sure it would be a smaller amount compare to the last one.

OT Pay? Wala naman eh!

My boss said he’d compute my OTs and pay me. Although I really don’t have OT pays here, he said he would pay me my OTs of the past few weeks I’m super rushing a project.

Salary day, my boss said he’d just give the OT pay to me on Tuesday. That’s last Tuesday, which is September1, 2009.

Until now, I didn’t receive any =(

I don’t hate the idea of I don’t have OT pays. What I don’t want is that my boss telling me he’ll pay me for those extra time, and then he won’t.

Maybe he FORGOT to pay me. NO TIME to compute? Really? Bad trip!!!

Baby Ivan Made Me Cry

It was yesterday, Monday, holiday, and I’m at home taking care of Ivan. My mother-in-law went to her friend’s house to play mahjong. My husband, I don’t know where he goes. Maybe he goes with his mother.

Baby Ivan slept at around 11am after he drank his milk. At 12pm, I went outside the room to get my lunch and bring it inside the bedroom. Unfortunately, Ivan woke up and cried. I carried him and made him sleep. I opened the aircon because it’s too hot. I called the maid to close the windows and the door. As the maid closed the door, Ivan opened his eyes and thought it was his grandma (my mother-in-law).

He started crying non-stop!!! Then he stopped for a few seconds, then cried again, then stopped for a few seconds, then cried again. I thought that a milk would do the trick. I gave him a 7ml milk again. He drank his milk, then cried, then on his milk, then cried. I don’t know what to do. He’s looking for his grandma.

My time with Ivan is when I went home after office hours which is around starting at 7:30pm or 9pm, up to morning around 8am or 9am. Mother-in-law’s rounds would be the rest of the day that I’m not around. This schedule of taking care of Ivan is from Monday to Saturday. Ivan spends most of his time with his grandma. And most of the time that he’s with me, he is sleeping! I prepare his milk 2 times at night in between my sleeps. I also change his diaper. I also sometimes check if he’s still at the bed or if he’s awake.

Ok, back to the story. This time, he’s calling out his grandma. He’s shouting “ah-maaaaaa” which means grandma. This broke my heart. And I started crying.

He can say “ba-baaaa” or sometimes “ba-byeeeee” as his first word. And his 2nd word is “ah-ma”!!! I know it shouldn’t break my heart. He spends most of the time with his ah-ma. What makes me cry is that he won’t stop crying. He kept on saying ah-ma. And I kept on telling him that mama is here. I felt ignored.

I got a little frustrated. I put him on the floor but Ivan hold my hands. He’s still calling his ah-ma. He’s looking at my face, trying to grab me, but I pushed him softly. I was yelling at him, “You want ah-ma? Ah-ma isn’t here! Ah-ma is playing mahjong! Mama is here. You don’t want mama? Fine! Go to your ah-ma!” The pushing made him cry more.

You might think that Ivan’s calling of ah-ma might mean mama. No, it’s Ivan’s habit when it’s daytime and he woke up but still sleepy, and he didn’t see his ah-ma, he would cry non-stop.

I think I am pushing him for about half a minute. I really got frustrated! Then I gave in. I held him tight and told him in a soft voice, “Mama is here.” He stopped crying. I carried him to the bed and made him drink his milk. I think he got the message.

I cried not only because he seems to ignore me, but because it’s like so unfair for me to be ignored like that. I am earning more than my husband. I always say “yes” to my husband and to my mother-in-law. I listen to what they want and ignore and just kept what I want to myself. It’s always them! And now, my baby is ignoring me!


A few hours before I’m writing this post, my Ivan was kind of crying. He’s looking for me!!! But there’s a scenario to write which would be on the next post.

The Brutal Death of Baby Brianna

This is an old story to tell, but I just found this on a friend’s YouTube post.

The story of the to-be 6 months old baby Brianna broke my heart. She was thrown on the air, hit the ceiling and floor about three times, beaten and raped by her own family! She got bruises all over her body. She cried, but all ignored the pain she felt. She’s 5 months old!!!

If you hadn’t heard of her story, check out the video below.

Now, are you thinking of a way to punish all who had done wrong to her? For me, they should die slowly. Had you watched Hostel? They should end up like that. But a more brutal than Hostel would be better for them to feel the pain they had cause to baby Brianna. And they shouldn’t end up dying to quickly like in the film. Babies are so delicate, and with a little pain, they would cry. Little pain for us hurts them much. Just imagine how baby Brianna felt. I can’t imagine it!!!

I Cried, Again!

At the office, after having lunch with a boss, we’re talking about the project I’m handling. My boss told me to list all questions that I need to ask to the client. I told him that I am listing them down. The he said that he told me to list the questions down before, but I didn’t.

That made me cry. I was pressured and tired of the finish a whole project. For just 35 days, I finished a whole Payroll System with some reports. I hadn’t had enough time to do more reports, but the system is complete. Database design and creation, analysis and programming and some reports are all done within the said 35 days. The Payroll System is not an ordinary one too that makes it a little hard to analyze. And I had only interviewed the client for 1 f*cking hour. Well, my boss had created a WRONG ANALYSIS after they had interviewed the client. And within those 35 days, another client was asking to change some data from their database.

I told my boss WHILE CRYING that how can I list the questions down if I have no time to list them down, I can’t even eat lunch properly. He’s said that he’s sorry, that the project is kind of tough. Oh no! So he thought it’s the project! I quickly told him that it’s not the project. The other project I’m handling is even tougher. I explained to him that I can’t be working up to 11:00 pm and Sundays. I got a family, I got a son to take care of. I’m a female with obligations to my son. I’m not a male like him, that has no obligations to take care of his children because he’s so tired, and because its his wife who has the obligation to take care of their children even when tired.

I also can’t help myself. I even told him that the 8 hours work, I still need to do some things like go to the CR, drink water, have a little rest. I even don’t consume the lunch break fully. I have lunch for just 15 minutes or less.

I hope he understands. I believe he does. But I hope he won’t tell the other boss that I cried. I that boss finds out, he’ll going to ask me a lot of questions which I’m sure that one of his questions would be “Are you happy working here in the company?”, and then a lot of story telling, which would just eat up my time.

About the project, there are some revisions, and additions, and the reports too. My boss told me to create a time schedule. I didn’t know that this coming Monday is a holiday. After submission of the schedule, they were surprised that the schedule would end up late and there’s no time to create the web program of the system. And they said that Monday is holiday. I heard the other boss is telling the other one “just maximize the time”. They then told me that we can’t add one day on the schedule because the schedule is already late. They even told me to finish the project earlier! How the hell would I finish the project earlier than the schedule I had prepared! The schedule is already based on a rush project.

Am I getting paid right? I don’t know. My salary is PHP 20,000.00 per month, with an additional of PHP 5,000.00 per month since I’m handling a big client of theirs. When that client goes, the incentives would be cut. I can come late or be absent anytime I want. But they had become strict because they hired a new programmer, and I have to be a good model. I still came late everyday, late for half to one hour everyday. But I don’t have absences anymore because of all the work that I have to do. And there are no reasons to be absent for now. I got no bonus of whatsoever. The 13th month is required by the law, so I receive that incentives. I got a free lunch. System analysis, database design, programming and creating reports are my jobs on the company. And before I forgot, I also am the one who answers the phone. The f*cking phone won’t just stops ringing, with nonsense calls from my boss’ ____!!! Sh*t!!! And they are introducing me to clients to have programmers under my supervision. My virtual programmers, where are you!!! For real, it’s really only me. They also say to clients that I don’t know how to create reports!!!

All of these for PHP 25,000.00 a month. Please all, tell me if my salary is good for those. I really have to earn money online. This blog would one day earn from sponsored post. If one day I would need to create 3 more blogs to earn from sponsored posts, I would!!! Right now, I only got one.

I can’t go to Ortigas or Makati for work. I am a mommy now. And there are a lot of factors why I can’t leave my son fully to my husband and mother-in-law. It’s so complicated, so just trust me.

I just wanna cry again.

Toxic days are gone, for now…

Aug 24 marks the presentation to our client, and that’s what I was rushing on. I forgot to drink water at the office! I (and my officemates) ordered McDo and Jollibee and other fast food chain delivery because of the toxic project we’re working on. Each of us handles our own project. But the one got the most toxic moments is me. My officemates says “naaawa kami syo”. On my mind “Ako ren eh, naaawa sa sarili ko.” On all problems I encounter on like, I think this is the 2nd situation na naawa ako sa sarili ko.

The program I was rushing on, luckily I don’t need to have a major change after the presentation. The client’s feedback is ok. But there would be some changes. I love how I did the program with the “populating data to an existing MS Excel” tools for government deduction and loans contribution thing. Until now, I am learning new things. And when I did succeed on doing the task that I thought I can’t, I felt so light, so happy, and I wanna do the “Chicken Dance”!!!

But seriously, even if I love my job, I am beginning to hate it because this time, it’s too toxic! I’m not in a corporate company getting enough salary based on my job. I got no bonus, incentives, allowance. Nothing.

Why am I still blogging, writing this post, when I should be sleeping? I love blogging =) And the toxic days are gone for now. I hope it’s going to be forever… in my dreams!!!

Why does this Wonder Meimi blog exist?

So, why do I blog? What’s the history of this blog? In other words, why does this blog exist?

I got a main blog. It was a private blog then. After some years, it became a public one. At first, I didn’t share the blog to friends, family and relatives. I earned online friends that made me love blogging more. But later on when I got a baby, I posted pictures of my baby there and I forward the URL of the blog posts to them. And now, I can’t post controversial topics on that blog. I can’t rant and shout and tell the world about my work. My boss knows my blog. A big client even discovered my blog on Google Search!

I felt lonely of not being able to post controversial topics and share them on my blog. I got a lot to post. But I can’t! It was a plan even before to create another blog like my main blog. But I won’t be able to link this blog to that blog and vice-versa. I can’t even use my nick because my boss knows that nick. But to my online friends, feel at home at this new blog. Meimi is an old nick of mine.

The only sad thing is, I won’t be able to post my baby’s pictures and videos here. Just refer to my original main blog.

No Rest Day For Me Tomorrow

Tomorrow is rest day. But I need to work double time. Toxic toxic toxic.
But here’s the good news. My boss just told me that he and the other boss decided to pay me for the OT works I had done for the past few days up to now. That’s more than 5 days with OTs!!!

Actually, the pay is not important to me. I am hoping that next time, this kind of toxic schedule wouldn’t happen to me. I need to get home early. I got a husband and I got a baby to take care.

I Cried…

My work makes me cry.  I try to work hard.  It’s been 4 years that I am working hard in this company.  I am their only programmer.  Well right now, we got a newly under 3 months programmer.  So the company got 2 programmers now.

For the four years, I got no Christmas bonus.  I know the bonus is not required.  But I felt like taken for granted.  All of my previous employers gave me bonus.  And my current employer won’t.  My current employers are like my friends.  I care for them.  What an irony!

The pressure is killing me.  I need to finish this project ASAP.  I’m so tired.  Today is holiday.  But I’m here at the office.  I would be working too on this coming Sunday.  I got a fix salary, meaning no less when I’m late or absent.  And I got no OT pay too!

Why the hell am I in this company?  This company is very near home.  And finally, I can’t leave them.  They said they still can’t make it without me.

I hope to get a Christmas bonus this December.  It’s not about the money.  I would like to feel important to them, and not taken for granted.

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