I’m Wonder Meimi! Why Wonder Meimi?

When a blogger bumps on other blogger’s blog, one does check what’s the title of the blog.  Mine is Wonder Meimi.  Why Wonder Meimi if you would ask.

Ever heard of the Wonder Girls?  They are a Korean all-girl pop group.  The world is going gaga over their hit song Nobody.

But do you know the cute little girl named Ye Eun or better known as Wonder Baby?  Check the video below.

I got addicted to Wonder Baby than the Wonder Girls.

Then, I got this situation on my work.  I am a programmer.  Clients say I’m good.  Employers say I’m good.  Officemates also say I’m good.   Okay, people looks up on me.  But because of hectic project schedules, my boss tells some clients that I am not the one doing all the jobs, that I only assign them to my people.  People??? I got none!  All are my works.  They say I don’t create reports, that it’s not my forte.  It’s a lie!

They say that I’m not a Wonder Woman to do everything, that there’s no such programmer like that.  But the thing is, I do all the work.  My boss said to me that it’s okay if clients will think that “we’re” not that good.  “We”, I think it’s only me!  My boss is actually trying to make clients think that he got a lot of programmers.  Well, he got only 1.

I’m juggling my schedule with me as a mom to a naughty and cute big baby.

Now, you can guess why it’s Wonder Meimi.

Mom + Online Selling + Network Marketing = Wonder Meimi