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Crochet Braids

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Ever went to a beach party and saw people with this kind of hair style? What if I tell you that you might not be able to say if her hair is either a real hair or braided faux hair 🙂

This model is wearing a faux braided wig. And it seems so real.

Model is wearing Bobbi Boss Bomba Faux Locs Braids – Soul Goddess 20″ crochet braids from Divatress, an e-commerce site that offers wigs, hair care products, and beauty products.

At Divatress, you choose the wig of your choice. Then select the color theme and the length of the braid you want. Then order it, check out, pay. Wait for the delivery. And you are done!

If I am going to have a good time, just for a few days, and needs to go back to work the next day (and people prefer you to look something without braided hair), I will consider a wig. And going to the beach or a party with hair braided is goddess!

I love her braided hair! I think I fell in love with this wig! Looks so real! Can you tell if it’s fake or real? I can’t.

Save yourself from the time inside a salon to do the locks. Use that time to party instead!

Hoping for a new me…

It would be almost welcome 2014. I am hoping for a new me. I am hoping for the best that I can be.

What is more important, career or family?  My answer is still family.  Yes I know, I need to provide money for my family.   That’s why I hired two maids that can help me with all the household chores and take care of my two kids.  And yes, I have a career to cope up with the needs of my family.

For the past 7 years, I forgot myself.  I know I need to recover.  That’s why just this month, I tried to buy new clothes for myself.  I tried to look good.  So I guess that’s why there are other guys that are interested on me  🙂  That’s cool!  That means I am still lovable in spite of my age.  I am 34 years old this year.

I’ll value myself too.  And I would hopefully save money for myself

New me on year 2014.