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I am now one of the J.Co crazies!

Before, I am one of those who are thinking about how many crazies are there lining up in the J.Co store.  What are they thinking lining up, waiting that seems forever just to buy that J.Co doughnuts.

One night, my husband brought some baby doughnut leftovers.  And I so love the taste!  I love eating doughnuts though.  But those from J.Co are different.

I love J.Co doughnuts instantly!  And those baby doughnuts you can just munch them whole inside your mouth!

My son loves those baby doughnuts too.  I am so convinced that J.Co is worth spending time to line-up and wait just to purchase.  Yeah you can call me one of the J.Co crazies now.  But still, I am not going to line up if there’s more than 15 heads on the line, if there are no special occasion to buy yummy food.

Pokka Strawberry Milk Drink

Strawberry + Milk  Drink = Yummy!

Yes, I love strawberry flavor drinks.  And I love flavored milk drinks, like milk tea, pandan milk tea, taro milk tea, any kind of milk tea, strawberry shake (guilty pleasure), strawberry icecream, anything strawberry…

The Pokka Strawberry Milk Drink is one of the best drink I have ever tasted!  I want to buy one.   I would need to go to a supermarket and look for this one.

pokka strawberry milk drink

Peanut Butter Recall: Brands To Dispose

New Mexico-based Sunland Inc. is a manufacturer of peanut butter and other nut products to different food brand companies.

The manufacturer is having a peanut butter recall. And not just peanut butter. Here’s the list of all the products they are recalling:

  • peanut butter
  • almond butter
  • cashew butters
  • tahini peanut products
  • blanched peanut products
  • roasted peanut products

Here’s the list of some of the brands wherein those products above should be disposed:

  • Trader Joe’s
  • Target’s Archer Farms
  • Safeway’s Open Nature
  • Earth Balance
  • Fresh & Easy
  • Late July
  • Heinen’s
  • Joseph’s
  • Natural Value
  • Naturally More
  • Peanut Power Butter
  • Serious Food
  • Snaclite Power
  • Sprouts Farmers Market
  • Sprouts
  • Sunland
  • Dogsbutter

Maybe we all should stop eating peanut butter and other nut products for a while.

PENIS DOG: Sausage-Stuffed Penis Pancakes

PENIS DOG: Sausage-Stuffed Penis Pancakes

The neighborhood of Ximending is located in the Northeastern part of Taipei, and is the Taiwanese hub of fashion and Japanese culture. Often referred to as the “the Harajuku of Taipei,” there are many fascinating things to be seen just by walking up and down the streets, looking around at the numerous shops, and observing the customers that fill them.

Reporters in Taipei recently stumbled across a food vendor that sells a corn dog-like concoction made by baking a sausage, coated in hotcake batter, in a special iron grill shaped like a penis.

The Taiwanese customers who visited the shop seemed to have no qualms about this startlingly detailed ‘penis dog.’ People casually nibbling on their penis while walking along the busy street, and it seemed to be particularly popular with children and high school-aged girls; the latter would purchase one penis to share with two or three friends.

One must admire the vendors who can boldly sell this in the middle of one of Taiwan’s busy shopping districts. Plus, at a mere $1.50, the price of this penis just can’t be beat.

In Japan there are a number of shrines that worship the penis as a deity, so perhaps this cock-cake represents the start of a new culture for Taiwan. Next time you’re in Taipei try discarding those dated conceptions of the penis as something obscene, and wrap your lips around one yourself! (written by Steven)

-Charles (m.a I)

Ensogo: Philippine Discount Coupon

The Philippine’s one of the best coupon website Ensogo offers a lot of hot deals on the Internet.

I had wished that coupons like in the other countries would be available here in the Philippines.  And now, here is Ensogo!

I’m checking out the food and technology section most of the time.    There are really great deals!  I’m kind of addicted to always checking what’s on the deal list.

Check the Ensogo deal of the day and you would sure to like to buy a voucher.  Check out the food section!  I really like to hit the buy voucher button!!!

Mister Donut Celebration Treats (Donut Cake)

Each donut cake of Mister Donut is worth 45 Pesos.  When I saw these on a Mister Donut booth, I told myself that I would certainly buy 2, one for my son and one for our maid.  After two days, I was in a hurry and forgot that I was supposed to buy 2 cakes.  I bought only 1 Black Forest.

My toddler loves eating cakes.  But he dislikes the cake of Mister Donut.  I was wondering why.  I tried 1/4 of the cake.  After I tasted a spoon of it, I was shouting on my mind “What the hell is this!  It’s a donut!”  Well, it’s worth 45 Pesos only.  And after all, Mister Donut is a donut company, not a cake company.  My bad.

But what make me dislike the celebration treat of the donut company is the too much sweetness of the donut cake.  It’s really sweet, so sweet, too much sweet that I’m sure old people won’t have another bite of it!  I’m not an old person yet.  I like cakes, candies, ice cream, and anything a child wants.  But the donut cake of Mister Donut… it’s yuck for me.

I just hope it’s not too sweet.  It’s too too too sweet… major major sweet!

I won’t recommend this donut cake.  But to those who likes major major sweet food, then maybe you can try Mister Donut Celebration Treats donut cake.